Friday, November 27, 2009

Bilingual course in preparation for the IncI exam

I have always spoken and written about the bilingual course in preparation for the IncI exam (or what I now call the Full Bilingual Course) because it is the core of this system: To aid non-fluent, non-speakers pass a multiple-choice 20-question exam paper issued and held by InCI.

These courses have be held successfully for the past 5 years and helped hundreds of professional attain their license as a mediator or their inscription as an Angariador at InCI, by training them in reading comprehension of the Portuguese technical jargon used (“Incian”, as I call it); by teaching them (in English) the in-depth knowledge and practical aspects of these practices in Portugal – Through a special Pidgeon “Incian” Portuguese I have developed over the last 22 years.

If we look at the core course (Bilingual Course in preparation fro the exam), one can say that, as a standard:

• I hold sessions which run on a 2-hour basis per 1-session;
• They are usually held after working hours, i.e, usually after 5 pm and we hold sessions once or twice a week, depending on calendar (holidays, events trainees may have abroad, etc), and only the 2 weeks before the exam itself do we hold more sessons, usally not more than 3 per week;
• All training has to fit the trainee or group of trainees profiles and ongoing development, with the sole aim of making sure he/she/they successfully pass the exam.

But such standards depend on the trainees involved, other circumstances which have to be taken into consideration, and are always mutually agreed with group that is undergoing training, bearing in mind the success in the exam as the ultimate goal in this particuar training process – Each course is tailor-made to fit the trainee.

The special Portuguese as a Foreign Language course co-exists alongisde the FBC for those, usually British nationals, that have greater linguistic difficulties; as they do not have the language skills to follow through immediately the main core course.

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Gwaving on & on

I'm all for GWave.

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Monday, November 09, 2009

InCI has shown interest in my participation in new real estate law

I have recently been asked by InCI Director to participate directly in the new changes that will take place, through new legislation, within the scope of the real estate industry.

This is something I have long wanted to offer you: A chance to speak your mind and be heard.

Please let me know if you want to participate.

I shall be holding a mini-seminar on 18th in which I shall incorporate such a topic.