Monday, November 17, 2008

Why do we love crises?

Nobody does.

But, just like ostriches, there we go and hide our heads in the sand….

Should real estate activities do the same?!?...

There have been several crises over the years, so I can not see how one misses Wally, standing in the croud.

Wally’s real: He/she/they has always been the “interessado” or client who, at that particular moment, decides to buy or sell through us or our services and through our – mediation or development – company.
Wally wants to buy or wants to sell, as he/she/they know what they want. Do we, as professionals, know?...

We, at REP, wish to promote such a discussion about this subject, energy certication in Portugal and the new changes for the ”casa pronta”.

So we are organising a seminar in Lagoa.

Can we count on you?


(Best Regards)


Daniel Foster da Silva

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