Friday, August 17, 2007

Training versus Getting Credits

One of the problems I am regularly faced with, among real estate activities in Portugal, is the confusion that many make by considering it worth the while to endure a couple of hours of lecturing in order to attain a credit ... As against to the ever-present need imposed by the market itself for development of the lister and the mediator.

Today's generation of professionals, better without a doubt than the previous one to which I belong, still has to wake up to the painful truth that each minute spent in such initiatives will set them back in the war of international marketing.

Accredited training, in my opinion, as a professional of the real estate activity, should always be a means of enrichment with knowledge and practices; Useful and applicable to the activities themselves.

A lot has been achieved, since the time at the real estate association we dined among friends, back in the eighties... But we are still far away from understanding that if we do not grasp useful tools for our day-to-day activitries from such events, we spent 5 hours in a course or seminar which will only serve to give give us a piece of paper and at the end six credits for the renewal.

O barato sai caro (Cheap is expensive), in this case. We put aside training and rejoice in bureaucracy...

- "Para Inglês ver."