Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Praising work done by APEMIP's Southern Directorate

The Portuguese real estate industry has become very demanding on its professionals, but very little of offered back to us in terms for training or tools that can help us become better.

So I have to recognize when events come along that are eye-openers and an incentive to the business.

This was the case of the seminar held under the auspices of APEMIP, the work of the South Directorate, in the auditorium of the Lagoa's Town hall, on February 29th.

It was good to be presented with a pragmatic event that invites us to be better professionals, given to those present by Cláudia Almeida and Peter Knight had this merit:

* We need to know how to use vital statistics to open up markets and better render our services to customers and "interessados";
* We need to prepare ourselves before we take action, through planning achievable goals.