Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Angariador Empowerment Programme

Dear Angariadores,

Yes, at last I am writing to you. And inviting you to become a part of the network I have been setting up:

The Angariador Empowerment Programme.

As you know, through the training I have been giving most of you in the past, you are the heart and soul of the real estate industry.

And it is time for the market to allow people like you to make things happen. You can do it!


Take angariação to the next level and create proper relationships with the mediation companies you decide to work with.


I have set up a platform to help you achieve more, by becoming more professional than you already are, and enabling you to gain access to a sound clustering system from which you can take advantage of.

What does InCI say about this?

InCI applauds it.

How must does it cost?

It’s a symbolic value: 5 € / month or 50 € / year.

Can I try it out, before I join?

No. Mininum adherence to programme is required and has a fixed 6-month cost, non-refundable.

What do I get out of this programme?

Tools (Your own website is an option, for eg.), e-marketing tools, leads, teamwork, clustering, consultation on InCI matters, and much more.

How does the programme work?

It works through a means you already know: Our platform, which is also known as a campus, especially dedicated to such activities.

Do I get free training or/and credits?

Yes, if you consider what is offered to you.

No, training for exam or credits are not included. But you get discounts though, by being an active member of the programme.

So, what do have to do?

Contact me. Email me a reply.

Well? What are you waiting for?

Best Regards,

Daniel Foster da Silva