Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Bilingual Training Method

The bilingual training method used has been developed based on my experience many, many years ago as a TEFL & a TPFL teacher, teaching English and Portuguese as a foreign language; And my + 20 years experience in the fields pertinent to real estate.
InCI uses specific jargons pertinent to professions such as Law, Architecture and Engineering, etc – All used in the real estate practice and industry.

This can be achieved on several different levels, depending very much on a person’s academic and professional background, plus their persona, and of course their ground knowledge of the Portuguese language.

- Being a language of meaning, Portuguese inhales many subtle shifts in what is meant and these are pitfalls for anyone trying to grasp it.
- Bilingual training is not intended to teach you to speak the language, but rather to read Incian jargon applied. Hence its uniqueness.

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